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Doha to Gassim flights

Only Qatar Airways operates direct flights from Doha to Gassim (ELQ), in Saudi Arabia. They launched the flights on the 8th January 2013.

"Today is a further example of the unique relationship our countries share and I am confident that by launching this new route, our award-winning hospitality will be well received by inbound and outbound travellers alike, linking the rest of the Middle East and beyond." said Qatar Airways Senior Vice President, Fathi Al Shehab

"Saudi Arabia's aviation industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past few years and we at Qatar Airways are delighted to be part of this growth by launching additional capacity into this vibrant market.
With increased government investment in the private sector and major infrastructure developments underway, we are very excited about our expansion here with the launch of our newest and first route of 2013 to the city of Gassim." said Mr Akbar Al Baker, the CEO of Qatar Airways.

Flights from Qatar

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