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flight path from Doha to SalalahQatar to Salalah flights

From 22 May 2013 Qatar Airways are flying from Doha to Salalah (SLL), the Sultanate of Oman's 2nd biggest city. Flights are operated in an Airbus A320 plane.

To get on a cheap flight use the flight price comparison tool on the left. Oman Air also offers 1-stop flights via Muscat

As a bird flies it is 947km from Doha to Salalah.


22 May 2013. Of the launch of flights the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar al Baker said that “Salalah offers passengers travelling from our global network with yet another unique holiday option to experience and at the same time provide the convenience of two gateways within the same country. With this new route, passengers wishing to explore Oman at length will also be able to take advantage of different travel options, booking flights into Muscat and returning from Salalah or vice versa. Qatar Airways is gearing up for another solid year of expansion with new routes steadily opening up, keeping in line with our commitment to provide passengers with choice, flexibility and great value when flying with us.”

Map of Salalah with airport pinpointed


Salalah accommodation

The best rated spots, by guests, are the Hilton Resort (stunning pool) and the Salalah Marriott. For something a bit cheaper try Haffa House. If you'd like to send your wallet on a diet then stay at the Juweira Boutique Hotel.

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